Writing the Perfect Housekeeping Resume

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A resume is a straightforward piece of document that outlines your professional qualifications and experiences. When writing the perfect housekeeping resume, it should be no different. In writing the perfect housekeeping resume you should:

1. Include all contact details– To ensure that you are easily accessed, ensure that all relevant contact details are accurately listed on your resume. Neglecting to do so could result in many missed opportunities.

2. Include a career summary– A career summary acts as an introduction for whoever is reading your resume. It is the first line of contact and should be detailed but brief. Additionally, it should paint a clear picture of who you are as a professional.

3. List the most appropriate skills– Based on research, the top skills for a housekeeper are;

a. The ability to listen carefully and respond appropriately.
b. Honesty
c. Detail-oriented and thorough
d. Ability to work unsupervised or on initiative
e. Reliability

4. Use an easy-to-read format and font– When writing the perfect housekeeping resume, you should aim to create a document that is easy to open, read and understand.

5. Only include experience and skills relevant to the job opportunity– You may have additional experience outside of housekeeping. However, if they are not directly beneficial to the job you are currently seeking, it should not be included on your resume.

6. Leave out unnecessary personal information– When writing your housekeeping resume, always keep the focus on your qualification and expertise. Personal information such as the reason you left your previous job should not be included on a resume.

7. Replace basic job duties with impactful accomplishments– List a summary of what you actually did under each job experience. This is a great indicator of you can actually do.

8. Proofread and double-check what you’ve written– One of the most important skills of a housekeeper is the ability to pay attention to detail. Proofreading your resume eliminates any and every mistake and makes for a more professional finish.

In conclusion, when writing the perfect housekeeping resume, make sure all the information listed is accurate and relevant. Your resume aims to show the employer why you are the right person for the housekeeper job opportunity.