How To Maximize Your Housekeeping Staffing Service

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Maximizing your housekeeping staffing service is critical in getting value for such an essential service. Whether it is a one-time hire, or a repeated contracted service, there are several ways in which customers can maximize and get the most from their housekeeping service. Let us look at some of the ways to maximize your housekeeping service.

First off, housekeeping may comprise of several different tasks. Therefore, if your job is task oriented, be clear and highlight the areas for priority. Because tasks are either high or low priority, communicating where tasks fall on the totem pole is important to avoiding confusion. It is extremely irksome to spot incomplete tasks that should have been perfected. Avoid this by providing the list of things you expect to be in a given cleaning session. Do not be afraid to make it clear about your likes and dislikes. State what you need to be done as opposed to what you want done.

In addition, getting the most from your housekeeping staffing service also depends on the whose service you use. Are you using an established professional company with employees? Are there referrals available for this company? How much you are paying for the service? How big of a job is it? What level of service are you looking for? Is it a bona-fide service company with established employees or will you be getting a rotation of random individuals? These are all important questions to answer and are likely dependent on several things.

Of course, an established company like Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants with thoroughly screened and fully trained employees is the recommended route. After all, these individuals will be in your home, with little or no supervision. In other words, you need to trust who you are inviting into your home. Using an established company also gives the added peace-of-mind if there is need for redress. After all, there will be a signed agreement that details the terms of service.

Do you like a particular brand of products? Then it is best to provide it for them. Your service provider may have their own cleaning supplies; are they acceptable to you? There is room for negotiation here. These are points you should discuss at the initial meeting before cleaning is done. As a result of this, the partnership will start on a clear footing and this will help to establish your long term your housekeeping service.

Housekeeping is an essential service. Who you select to play this critical role in your home or business is dependent on several factors. Life is already busy. Your housekeeping service should not keep you up at night. Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants have the expertise and experience to provide you with the right household staff. Contact Muffetta today, we look forward to serving you!