Is your housekeeping company bonded and insured?

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Have you ever googled housekeeping companies in your area? I bet your search result was overwhelming, scary even, with how many companies Google showed. You visited several websites and contacted a few as you searched for the perfect company to invite into your home or organization. As a home, what is the deciding factor for the company you select? One factor should be that the company is bonded and insured. Inviting someone into your home is an explicit sign of trust. However, trust should be a two-way street, and hiring a bonded and insured company ensures that the trust is reciprocated.

Housekeeping is a complex job. It requires an all-round skillset so that the necessary tasks can be properly done. In the event that the tasks are not completed satisfactorily, is there a recourse for you to take? Partnering with a housekeeping company that is bonded and insured gives the assurance of recourse. If the job is not done to your satisfaction, then the possibility exists that the job will be revisited, at no additional cost to you. Let’s face it, no one wants to do business with a company that doesn’t deliver. A bonded and insured company cares about its reputation and takes pride in its employees. As such, it serves as a guarantee that a company will always put the best of itself forward.

Additionally, a bonded and insured company also ensures that their employees are effectively trained. Yes, going with an individual housecleaner, or a non-bonded company may be less of an expense. However, what you save in fee may be spent correcting mistakes or replacing valuable items. Going with a bonded and insured company lessens the occurrences of mistakes that will be made at your expense.

Muffetta’s Domestic Assistant is a bonded and insured company, we ensure that all workers are rigorously screened. References are meticulously checked, and background checks are made before candidates are sent to you. They are also highly trained for the work that they will do. As a promise of the quality of service to our clients, we are a licensed company, and we protect clients through our strict policy as we strive to meet your expectations. tht