Household Staffing Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts

household staffing agency interview position

Interviewing potential candidates for any Household Staffing job can be time consuming and we want to help you prepare for them as best as possible. Here are a few tips we at Muffetta recommend on interviewing for a household staffing position – the do’s and dont’s.


1. Be respectful– Despite the position, this person is here to help you. Be respectful in your approach and your speech. Respect the candidates’ time and also their trade.

2. Be honest– Give the candidate the good, the bad and the indifferent truth about the job. Allow them to choose whether or not they want the job as opposed to choosing the job because of false promises and representations.

3. Ask practical and professional questions– Keep your questions within context and practical. Ask job related questions and keep it simple.

4. Be Specific– It is important that you outline what your family’s specific needs are. Do not expect this to be automatically known. Most Household Staffing Agencies provide an intake form to be filled out in advance by the client. Muffetta Domestic Staffing Agency provides such a form.

5. Listen carefully and get to know the candidate– Though you are conducting the interview, you should show interest in who the candidate is as a person.  This is accomplished by actively listening to what they have to say. This person could potentially be spending a great amount of time in your home, catering to your needs. Listen attentively as this is an opportunity to get to know the candidate.


1. Do not expect your interviewees to automatically know what you need. For the most part, a household job position is pretty standard. Your needs will not be known unless you make them known. Communicate what you want and then allow your interviewee to say whether or not they are able to fulfill these needs.

2. Do not intimidate your Interviewee– Though we like to think that appearing serious is the best route, this can be off-putting and intimidate an applicant- making them appear unsure of what they are saying and who they are.

3. Don’t judge your candidates before the actual interview– In responding to applicants, this should be done from a bias-free standpoint. Everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect irrespective of gender, color and or religion.

4. Don’t Interrogate– It is easy to get caught up on the details or make the interview a reenactment of the resume. You are aware of what the person has to offer based on their resume and references. Let this information speak for itself. Concentrate on the person behind the résumé. Know what your specific needs are and hire accordingly.

This list is in no way exhausted, and we are happy to not only guide you through the interviewing and selection process, but we are happy to take the pressure off your hands. Trust us at Muffetta to get the job done right for you. Visit Muffetta at