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Muffetta Household Staffing in The Hamptons: Premier Domestic Solutions

Welcome to Muffetta Household Staffing, The Hamptons’ leading agency in elite domestic staffing, serving East Hampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor, and Bridgehampton. We specialize in providing top-tier domestic staff for high-profile and luxury homes, understanding the unique demands of Hamptons’ luxurious lifestyle.

Tailored In-Home Staffing for The Hamptons Lifestyle

In the heart of The Hamptons, where pristine beaches and historic estates define luxury living, maintaining a household can be as demanding as it is prestigious. Muffetta Household Staffing stands as your trusted ally, dedicated to easing the complexities of domestic management with a personalized touch.

Our agency prides itself on a bespoke approach, meticulously matching discerning families with the finest household staff. Whether you’re in need of a skilled housekeeper, a nurturing nanny, an expert gardener, a gourmet chef, a seasoned house manager, or a reliable personal assistant, we have the expertise and network to meet your precise needs. Trust in Muffetta to elevate your household management with unparalleled service and dedication.

The Challenge of DIY Household Staffing in The Hamptons

Navigating the complexities of hiring household staff in The Hamptons can be daunting. The intricate process involves time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, and interviewing, often leading to uncertain outcomes due to limited networks, a lack of recruitment expertise, and the challenge of verifying candidate credentials. This is where Muffetta Household Staffing becomes an indispensable partner, ensuring quality and fit without the hassle.

Comprehensive Household and Estate Staffing Solutions

At Muffetta Household Staffing, we understand the unique demands of Hamptons’ residences, from historic East Hampton mansions to modern Southampton beachfront villas. Our extensive range of services is designed to meet every need of our discerning Hamptons clientele. With our expertise, we seamlessly connect you with the finest housekeepers, nannies, personal assistants, and more, ensuring your household runs smoothly.

Expert Management for Your Estate

For those seeking top-tier estate management in The Hamptons, Muffetta offers unparalleled service. Our seasoned professionals, from Directors of Residences to Estate Managers, are adept at maintaining the pristine condition and seamless operation of your property. Trust in Muffetta to uphold the elegance and functionality of your esteemed estate with our expert staffing solutions.

Experience modern luxury with Muffetta's household staffing, enhancing the allure of your Wainscott, NY, poolside retreat.

Premier Butler and Majordomo Services in The Hamptons

In the luxurious setting of The Hamptons, a skilled Butler or Majordomo becomes the cornerstone of a well-managed household. Muffetta specializes in placing professionals who excel in precision, discretion, and personalized service, ensuring your home’s daily operations are handled with grace and efficiency.

Expert Housekeeping and Maid Solutions

Achieve the pinnacle of cleanliness and order with Muffetta’s elite housekeeping staffing services in The Hamptons. Whether you require a live-in housekeeper or prefer a live-out arrangement, our rigorous selection process connects you with reliable, skilled professionals dedicated to maintaining your home’s pristine condition.

Enjoy stress-free days in Water Mill, NY with Muffetta's household staff, where even pet care is managed with grace.

Professional Laundress Staffing for Impeccable Care

Entrust your fine garments and linens to Muffetta’s expert laundresses in The Hamptons, where attention to detail meets professional care. Our laundress service is designed to manage your laundry impeccably, ensuring your wardrobe and linens are maintained to the highest standards.

Culinary Excellence with Our Chefs and Gourmet Cooks

Elevate your dining experience with Muffetta’s distinguished chefs and gourmet cooks in The Hamptons, each skilled in crafting culinary masterpieces tailored to your taste. From intimate family meals to grand dinner parties, our chefs bring expertise and creativity to your table, promising memorable dining experiences.

Elevate Your Hamptons Lifestyle with Muffetta Household Staffing for Impeccable Care

Enhance your home life with our bespoke staffing solutions, tailored to meet the unique demands of The Hamptons’ most distinguished households. Contact Muffetta today and discover how we can transform your daily living experience.

Three professionals from Muffetta Household Staffing enjoying a serene walk on the beach in Shelter Island, NY.

Expert Domestic Couple Staffing

Transform your household management with a Muffetta Domestic Couple, skilled in seamlessly handling a variety of tasks. Our rigorous selection process ensures you receive a team that embodies efficiency and discretion, perfectly suited to The Hamptons lifestyle.

Dedicated Mother's Helper and Family Assistant Services

Ease the demands of your bustling family life with our specialized Mother’s Helper and Family Assistant staffing. Muffetta connects you with trusted professionals in The Hamptons, ready to provide the support you need to balance work, family, and leisure effectively.

Specialized Nanny and Childcare in The Hamptons

Entrust your child’s care to the expert hands of Muffetta’s nanny and childcare specialists. With a focus on safety, compassion, and personalized care, we match your family with the ideal childcare professional, ensuring peace of mind and a nurturing environment for your children.

Streamlined Family Office Assistant Staffing

Enhance your family office’s efficiency with Muffetta’s experienced assistants, adept at managing all administrative aspects. Our professionals ensure seamless operation, allowing you to focus on higher priorities. Trust Muffetta for reliable family office support.

Personal Assistant Services for The Hamptons Elite

Elevate your daily efficiency with Muffetta’s personal assistant services, catering to the unique demands of The Hamptons’ lifestyle. Our assistants handle scheduling, travel plans, and daily errands, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.

Exclusive Lady's Maid Staffing for Personalized Care

Experience the luxury of personalized care with Muffetta’s expert lady’s maids, specializing in wardrobe management and personal grooming. Our discreet and professional service ensures your lifestyle is maintained to the highest standards.

Comprehensive Property Management Staffing Solutions

Ensure your Hamptons estate is impeccably maintained with Muffetta’s property management staffing. From skilled property managers to dedicated caretakers and landscapers, we provide peace of mind with expert oversight of your estate’s needs.

Premier Chauffeur Services in The Hamptons

Travel in comfort and style with Muffetta’s professional chauffeur staffing. Our knowledgeable and reliable drivers ensure you arrive promptly and safely, whether for business, leisure, or daily commutes in The Hamptons

Muffetta's reliable chauffeur services in East Hampton, NY, provide the ultimate convenience for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Premier Event Staffing

Transform your Hamptons events with Muffetta’s elite event staffing services. Our seasoned coordinators and staff excel in creating impeccable, memorable gatherings, managing every detail to perfection. Entrust us with your event’s logistics for a seamless and exquisite experience.

Expert Private Security Services

Enhance the safety and security of your Hamptons estate with Muffetta’s professional security personnel. Our trained experts offer comprehensive protection, ensuring peace of mind for both events and daily life. Rely on Muffetta for dependable, high-quality security solutions.

Exclusive Yacht Crewing in The Hamptons

Elevate your maritime adventures with our specialized yacht crew staffing services. Muffetta’s experienced sailors ensure a luxurious and smooth experience on the water, catering to every detail of your voyage. Set sail with confidence, knowing your yacht is manned by the best.

Tailored Lifestyle Services

Host unforgettable gatherings in Amagansett, NY with Muffetta's skilled dining and event staffing services.

Muffetta goes beyond traditional staffing to offer a suite of lifestyle services designed to enhance your Hamptons experience:

Luxury Personal Shopping: Our personal shoppers specialize in curating high-end fashion and unique gifts, ensuring you always leave a lasting impression.

  • DailyLux Staffing: For temporary needs, our white-glove service provides immediate access to housekeepers, laundresses, nannies, and concierges, ensuring luxury is always at hand.
  • Event Professionals: Elevate any gathering with our skilled bartenders, servers, and event staff, guaranteeing the success of your Hamptons social events.

Muffetta Household Staffing is committed to delivering unparalleled service and the finest staff to meet the sophisticated demands of our Hamptons clientele. Let us enhance your lifestyle with our comprehensive, high-quality services.

Premier Staffing Across The Hamptons' Enclaves

Muffetta Household Staffing is synonymous with bespoke domestic solutions tailored to the unique rhythms of life across The Hamptons. From East Hampton’s elegance to Montauk’s laid-back charm, our services ensure your home is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury.

Tailored Services for Every Hamptons Locale

  • A peaceful winter scene on a Hamptons beach, where Muffetta's staffing services cater to all seasonal home needs in Sagaponack, NY.East Hampton & Southampton: Immerse yourself in luxury with our staffing solutions, designed for the grandeur of East Hampton’s estates and Southampton’s sophisticated residences.
  • Sag Harbor & Bridgehampton: Embrace the historical and cultural richness with staff who appreciate Sag Harbor’s artistic pulse and Bridgehampton’s equestrian legacy.
  • Water Mill & Amagansett: Enjoy tranquility with our personalized services in Water Mill’s serene landscapes and Amagansett’s beachside retreats.
  • Montauk: Adventure awaits in Montauk, where our staffing solutions cater to those who cherish outdoor activities and a strong community feel.

Enhance Your Hamptons Experience

Discover the joys of Hamptons living, from serene beach days in East Hampton to vibrant cultural scenes in Sag Harbor. Muffetta’s services not only simplify household management but also enrich your lifestyle, allowing you to fully embrace the Hamptons’ diverse offerings:

  • Relaxation & Recreation: Enjoy pristine beaches, engage in outdoor adventures, or unwind with a wine-tasting tour, all while our professional staff takes care of your household needs.
  • Cultural & Culinary Delights: Explore galleries, historic sites, and indulge in fine dining, knowing your home is in expert hands.

Muffetta Household Staffing is your gateway to a harmonious and luxurious lifestyle in The Hamptons. Contact us to learn how our tailored services can complement your Hamptons experience.

Client Testimonial

Alexa F. – Southampton

Muffetta and her team are absolutely amazing! From professionalism , quick responses, making the perfect match between families & employees they are TOP NOTCH! They make the entire experience on both ends easy & exciting! I will never go to another agency!

Muffetta Household Staffing Agency Larchmont, NY

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Household Staffing Southampton FAQs


In East Hampton, our staffing services are finely attuned to the lifestyles of this prestigious community, providing skilled professionals from estate managers to personal chefs who uphold the highest standards of efficiency and discretion.

For Bridgehampton’s spacious estates and seasonal properties, we offer a comprehensive range of staffing solutions including gardeners, housekeepers, and pool maintenance experts, all skilled in maintaining high-value properties.

Absolutely! Whether you need full-time, year-round assistance or seasonal staff for your summer home in Sag Harbor, Muffetta specializes in providing flexible staffing solutions that adapt to your specific scheduling needs.

In Water Mill, we are renowned for our personalized service approach, ensuring that each client receives staffing solutions that are not only reliable but also a perfect fit for their home and lifestyle.

Our professionals, from security personnel to domestic staff, are rigorously vetted and trained in confidentiality to ensure that the privacy and security of your Sagaponack estate are never compromised.

Yes, we provide highly skilled chefs and catering staff who can elevate any event, from intimate gatherings to large-scale parties, ensuring that your culinary needs are expertly met in Amagansett.


In Wainscott, we tailor our services to match the specific needs of your household, from live-in housekeepers to bilingual nannies, all selected through a meticulous vetting process.

Our staffing services in Quogue are designed to enhance your lifestyle by handling household tasks efficiently, allowing you to enjoy more leisure time and the serene environment of Quogue.

Yes, we specialize in providing seasonal staffing for holiday homes, ensuring your Westhampton Beach property is well-cared for during the peak season with the right mix of staff.

Homeowners in Montauk benefit from our extensive network of experienced staff who are accustomed to the demands of high-end coastal properties, ensuring top-notch service and care.

Yes, our expertise includes staffing for unique and secluded properties on Shelter Island, providing everything from caretakers to personal assistants who respect the privacy and uniqueness of your home.

We meet Hampton Bays’ diverse staffing needs by offering a versatile range of services from child care providers to elderly care specialists, all tailored to fit the lifestyle and requirements of our clients.

Household Staffing Southampton TOC