Employing Household Help for the First Time

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Most of us, at some time or the other, will face the reality that our lives are too hectic to keep all the balls juggling at once. Between our children, partner, work, friends and other responsibilities, there are countless demands on our time. Therefore, there is not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished while still finding time for oneself. One task that is repeated on a daily basis and is time consuming is household work. With so many things fighting for space on your plate, maybe it is time to consider passing the many household chores to someone else by employing household help.

Before the decision is made to hire a household help for the first time there are a few things to consider. The first thing to look at is understanding what kind of help you are looking for. Are you looking for light cleaning to be done on a daily basis? Or on the other hand, are you looking for a thorough cleaning to be done intermittently? Looking at the services offered by a company can help you determine what you want done in your home. Additionally, this will also determine if you build a long term relationship with your selected help or it is a one-off task.

When employing household help for the first time, it is important to hire a company with an established record. And not just a record, but a good track record. Look at their online reviews, visit social media pages, and if possible, talk to current and former clients and get feedback on the work they do. Also, going with a company ensures that someone will be available to step in should your regular falls sick or is unavailable for unforeseen reasons. And yes, self-recruitment of an individual is a valid option that persons do utilize. However, it is recommended to select a bonded and insured company, as they are able to cover call outs with other certified and screened professionals. Moreover, you can also agree on a trial period that is reviewed after an agreed period and changes made accordingly.

Some companies use their own cleaning products. However, there may be specific products that you prefer. For example, in a time where most persons are going green, or trying to leave less of a chemical footprint, persons are resorting to environmentally friendly products. If that is the case with you, confirm with the company before they arrive who will be providing the products (and equipment needed) and the type of products required. Equally important, there may be a few items that you will need to have on hand, like a step ladder. This will assist in getting to hard to reach spots, like a ceiling fan or window blinds.

Employing household help for the first time can be a big task and there is a lot to consider. Whether you are a corporate executive or a stay at home mom, employing household help can lighten your load and help you to prioritize. If you are looking to employ household help for the first time, Muffetta’s Domestic Assistant is happy to assist you in the process of finding that perfect household staff for your home or hire a housekeeper directly from Muffetta’s. Contact us and we will get you on your way.