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Muffetta Household Staffing Agency FAQs



Muffetta Household Staffing stands out with personalized matchmaking, rigorous vetting, and a commitment to finding the perfect staff for your household’s unique needs.

Our agency conducts thorough background checks, reference validations, and skill assessments to ensure we provide top-tier, trustworthy, and skilled household staff to our clients.

Muffetta specializes in a diverse range of services including nannies, housekeepers, personal chefs, elder care aides, and estate managers, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your home.

Yes, we offer flexible staffing solutions that cater to both short-term and emergency requests, ensuring your household runs smoothly no matter the circumstance.

Absolutely, Muffetta is equipped to provide professional and experienced staff for various events and functions, adding a touch of elegance and efficiency to your special occasions.

We employ a detailed matching process that considers the specific requirements, preferences, and personalities of both our clients and candidates to ensure a harmonious fit.


The hiring process involves a consultation to understand your needs, selection of candidates from our pre-vetted pool, interviews arranged by us, and guidance through the hiring and onboarding process.

We offer ongoing support and advice, handling any concerns and ensuring a smooth working relationship, as well as providing resources for both staff and clients for continuous satisfaction.

Many of Muffetta’s household staff members come with specialized training, certifications, and education, ranging from culinary arts to childcare, elder care, and household management.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee period wherein any placements that do not meet the expectations can be addressed and resolved, including replacement if necessary.

Client privacy and confidentiality are paramount at Muffetta, with strict protocols in place to protect personal information and the privacy of our clients’ homes and lifestyles.

Yes, we cater to special requests and can provide multilingual staff or those with particular skill sets to meet the bespoke needs of your household.

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